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Blemil is a well-known brand specializing in infant milks. The Blemil line of milks, developed by Laboratorios Ordesa, has a wide and complete catalogue of formula milks of the highest quality and efficiency that adapt to the age and characteristics of each baby.

Boiled Milk

Blemil milk is an ideal complement for the correct feeding of babies, since it is a brand that favors the correct development and growth of your baby through high quality formula milks. Blemil milks provide the baby with all the nutrients necessary for it to grow strong and healthy. Choose the Blemil milk that best suits your baby's age and needs and trust one of the leading brands in infant milk.

Blemil Plus Forte 1

Blemil Plus Forte 1 is a baby milk suitable for babies up to 6 months of age. When breastfeeding is not possible or not enough, Blemil Plus Forte 1 is an ideal option to ensure the correct feeding of the baby. The composition of Blemil Plus Forte 1 milk is as similar as possible to that of marterna milk.

Blemil Forte 1

Blemil Forte 1 is available in different quantities so you can buy the one you need the most. Take care of your baby's diet and promote its development with Blemil Forte 1. When you can't breastfeed, trust Blemil Forte 1 as a safe and effective alternative.

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