Care+ Baby Seawater Soft Intensity Isotonic 125ml


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Nasal cleaning for babies from 3 months of age.

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Care | Care+ Baby Seawater Soft Intensity Isotonic 125ml

Care+ Isotonic Soft Intensity Baby Seawater 125ml is a 100% natural nasal spray solution suitable for babies from 3 months and children up to 6 years old.

This product contains a solution of Seawater rich in marine trace elements, so it is ideal for:

  • Daily nasal cleaning of the nostrils of babies and children, regular use even when the baby has no mucus, helps to protect effectively against colds and other complications.
  • Decongestion of clogged noses.
  • Hydration of the nostrils in case of dry nose due to exposure to very dry environments.
  • The elimination of excess mucus, as it softens the mucus making it easier to sound and preventing the appearance of complications.

Care+ Baby Seawater Soft Intensity Isotonic is equipped with an applicator specially designed for baby's nose. Thanks to the conditioning of the pressurized container, it can be used in any position, making it easy to use. In addition, the propellant gas (compressed air) is not in contact with the solution, so that it does not come into contact with the nostrils.

No preservatives.

Instructions for use

Daily nasal cleansing: 1 to 2 sprays in each nostril are recommended in the morning and evening.

Cold or rhinitis symptoms: repeated spraying is recommended until the nose is completely uncovered, with a maximum of 6 sprays per day per nostril.

If an allergic reaction is detected, wipe the baby's nose or help the child blow his/her nose once and stop using the product. Bleeding in the nose or feeling of pain after use of the product may occur if the mucous membranes are irritated. If symptoms persist, consult your family doctor.


Purified water and natural seawater;


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