Colnatur Sport Natural Collagen Neutral Flavor 330gr

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A food supplement enriched with magnesium, manganese, zinc and vitamins B and C


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19,09 € 16,48 €
Only 1 unit at this price


If you like to take care of your body inside and out, especially before, during and after any sport or physical exercise, Colnatur Sport natural collagen is ideal for you.

With neutral tastethis food product in powder form, formulated with collagen, helps to maintain and increase muscle mass and normal muscle function

Thanks to the functionality of its components, it contributes to:

  • Preserve and increase muscle mass (collagen protein) and normal muscle function (magnesium).
  • The maintenance of bones in normal conditions (protein collagen, magnesium, manganese and zinc).
  • The normal formation of collagen for the normal functioning of cartilage and bones (vitamin C), and therefore, joints.
  • Normal formation of connective tissue (manganese).
  • Normal energy metabolism (magnesium, manganese and vitamin C).
  • Decrease tiredness and fatigue (magnesium and vitamin B2, B3 and C).

*COLNATUR SPORT does not test positive for doping controls and does not contain fats, sugars, sweeteners, colourings, preservatives, allergens or chemical residues.

Instructions for use

It can be taken in one or more doses throughout the day, but only one 11.5 gram daily, dissolved in water or in liquid food. It is recommended to take it a minimum of three months to see results.


Colnatur® collagen -natural, assimilable and pure-, enriched with magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamins b and c.


4,99 € / 100 g

Pharmaceutical Advice

Not suitable for phenylketonurists or magnesium intolerants. Those who require a protein-restricted diet (very severe kidney or liver failure) should take the product under medical supervision. Eating a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle does not exempt you from eating it, and it is advisable not to exceed the recommended amount of 11 grams per day.




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