Comforsil Silicone Separator extra thin T-large 2 uts


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5,46 €

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Prevents and reduces bunions on your thumb


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COMFORSIL | Comforsil Silicone Separator extra thin T-large 2 uts

The bunions.... the nightmare of anyone who cares about their feet! Bunions appear after years of poor movement and abnormal pressure on the foot joint. They are therefore a symptom of poor foot development, and the sooner you correct their position and your gait, the sooner you will see them disappear or diminish.

The Comforsil extra-fine silicone separator is a useful extra soft silicone accessory that can be used to straighten and align the big toe, relieving the discomfort of the bunion.

Due to its anatomical shape, this object will provide you with maximum comfort while correcting the arrangement of the fingers and preventing them from overlapping. In addition, it can be kept for a long time and can be washed and sprinkled with talcum powder.

*Large size separator. Also available in other sizes.

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