Comodynes Pack Make-up Remover micellar solution 20 wipes + Essence Hyaluronic Tissue 8 uts gift wipes

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It helps to eliminate imperfections and traces of make-up. Ideal for sensitive skin.

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comodynes | Comodynes Pack Make-up Remover micellar solution 20 wipes + Essence Hyaluronic Tissue 8 uts gift wipes

Popular wisdom is that after using makeup, it is important to cleanse the face thoroughly, but sometimes the day has been very tiring, and you don't feel like making many efforts. If you want to remove any remaining soil that may stay on the face and want to do it quickly and efficiently, Comodynes trust.

-Comodynes make-up removing micellar solution 20 wipes:

They help to Remove the imperfections and traces of make-up on the faces with sensitive skin, providing a fresh feeling. These wipes are made with 100% natural and soft fibers. It contains mainly:

  • Hytelene complex: Complex based on plant extracts (Calendula, St. John's wort, Chamomile, Chamomile, Tila and cornflower) with soothing and decongestant properties that provide a great feeling of hydration and freshness.
  • Non-ionic surfactants: They respect the skin hydrolipidic film, leaving the skin clean and soft.
  • Glycerine: Moisturizing and emollient properties which leave the skin soft and conditioned.

* Ideal for sensitive skin.

Your daily routine includes Comodynes wipes to freshen and combat the imperfections of the face.

-Comodynes Essence hyaluronic wipes 8uds:

They are step 2 of our daily routine after the daily hydration. Perfect to restore vitality to your face and remove impurities that are embedded in the skin. Thanks to its formula enriched with hyaluronic acid, Shea butter and seaweed extract nourishes the skin in-depth, getting a healthy, luminous look. It also unifies tone.

Indicated for all skin types. They contain fiber 100% cotton and not carry alcohol.

It revives your skin with Comodynes.

Instructions for use

Comodynes make-up removing micellar solution 20 wipes: Apply on made-up face and neck skin, gentle massage by the entire surface for 1 minute.

Comodynes Essence hyaluronic wipes 8uds: Apply on the face a washcloth in the morning and another at night.


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