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Tan your skin without getting burned with Comodynes self-tanning wipes

Comodynes is a brand developed by Dermofarm Laboratories specializing in facial hygiene and skin self-tanning products. In addition, it was the first brand in the market to create a make-up remover wipe, something that completely revolutionized the concept of facial hygiene, and which led to the birth of Comodynes as a brand.

What are Comodynes wipes for?

Thanks to research and innovation, Comodynes has also pioneered the creation of self-tanning wipes, both for the face and body, and is another highly successful product worldwide. These wipes provide an even and natural tan in just a few hours, the intensity of the tan adapts to the natural tone of the skin, in addition to moisturizing the skin and avoiding the appearance of dry skin. These wipes contain the perfect dose for tanning each area of the body, so you just need to apply them evenly to clean, dry skin and wait for them to be absorbed completely to prevent stains on clothing.

With the different varieties of Comodynes wipes it is easy and quick to remove make-up and tanning without using several products to completely remove make-up or spending long hours in the sun. Comodynes Essence Hyaluronic wipes also contain active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which provide moisture and freshness to the skin, while improving the texture of the face, avoiding the feeling of dryness and tightness. We will also find hypoallergenic and 100% cotton wipes, specially designed for the most sensitive and delicate skins that can suffer irritations with the texture of traditional wipes.

What are the most effective self-tanners from Comodynes?

In addition to the wipes, Comodynes offers a wide range of self-tanning products to help you tan your skin without the sun. You can choose between different formats such as cream, gel and even self-tanning spray for a comfortable application. With Comodynes' innovative Self-Tanning Mousse, which has a light and pleasant texture, your skin will take on a golden, natural and long-lasting tone from the very first moment, while leaving your skin soft and hydrated.

How do Comodynes reducing patches work?

Body Reducer is one of the latest and most innovative products from Comodynes, these are reducing patches that help fight body fat, fluid retention and also toxins accumulated in our body. It is a continuous treatment of 24h, with transdermal technology that acts throughout the body, reducing body volume, acting on the most affected areas, such as abdomen, legs, hips, arms and buttocks. These patches gradually release a series of lipid-reducing active ingredients that penetrate to the deepest layers, contributing to the elimination of fat, liquids and toxins.

Discover all Comodynes products and buy your make-up remover and self-tanning wipes or your reducing patches at the best price online - take advantage of our offers and enjoy a perfect summer!

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