Compeed™ dressing pack T-medium 10 uts ampoule pack

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Helps relieve the pain of blisters on the feet


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Compeed | Compeed™ dressing pack T-medium 10 uts ampoule pack

There are different types of blisters and each has a recommended treatment for optimal results. Compeed® and its Compeed® Medium Blister Dressings help to relieve blister pain in the toes, heel or soles of the feet.

Its hydrocolloid technology forms a protective gel that isolates them from rubbing and keeps them in treatment, this helps to cure them almost immediately and prevents their appearance.

Compeed® for medium sized blisters are ultra-fine, latex-free dressings that do not peel easily and are water resistant, keeping the wound hygienic and preventing infection.

Package contains 10 dressings.

*For reasons of hygiene, no exchanges or returns will be accepted for this product

The most effective way to get rid of foot blisters.

Instructions for use

1. Clean and dry the skin before application, ensuring that the area is clean of cream and oil residues.

2. Remove the top protective paper, avoiding touching the adhesive part.

3. Apply the dressing firmly over the ampoule, ensuring that the edges do not form folds.

4. Keep it in place until it starts to come off on its own (the dressing may remain attached for several days).

5. To remove the dressing, do not pull it upwards, gently pull the ends parallel to the skin.




Ramon C.

Great for blisters

Maria D.

I recommend it

Núria C.

Pharmaceutical AdvicePharmacy

For the dressings to hold properly, the affected area must be clean and dry, free of creams and oil residue, and do not apply the dressing to infected wounds, if there is a possibility of infection, disinfect the area of the blister or wound before application;


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