Compeed™ Hardness large size 2 uts


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5,70 €

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Dressings for immediate relief of pain caused by stiffness on the soles of the feet


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Compeed | Compeed™ Hardness large size 2 uts

Hardness of the feet usually occurs when they are exposed to long term pressure, caused by heels, tight shoes or standing for long periods of time. Cell production is accelerated by forming a painful layer of dead skin on the soles of the feet and heels, and they are dark yellow/brown in color.

Compeed® Hardness is an ideal product to stop all the symptoms of the onset of hardness, reducing friction, pressure and pain and generating a pleasant feeling of relief thanks to the incorporation of an active gel that hydrates deeply.

This system, called hydrocolloid technology, acts immediately on the chafing, making Compeed® Hardness an excellent dressing for skin regeneration.

*Size: 4,2 x 9,5cm

*For reasons of hygiene, no exchanges or returns of this product will be accepted

Give your feet all the care they deserve with this fantastic product!

Instructions for use

For best results, before applying Compeed® Hardness it is recommended to immerse your feet in warm water for a few minutes to soften the skin and remove hardened skin. After bathing, wipe dry with a towel.

1) Cleanse and dry the skin before applying Compeed® Hardness.

2) Remove the top paper without touching the adhesive.

3) Apply Compeed® Hardness directly to the affected area, ensuring that the edges do not form folds.



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