Compeed™ hydrocolloid hydration calluses 6 uts

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Relieves pain, moisturizes, beds and protects feet from friction


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Compeed | Compeed™ hydrocolloid hydration calluses 6 uts

Rubbing against shoes, long waits, running, walking, etc. can cause damage to our feet. It is then that calluses, bunions and other ailments form and cause pain in our feet;

With the adhesive strips of Compeed® hydrocolloid hydration calluses you will instantly relieve pain and protect the area from friction. They are specially designed for the physiognomy of the feet, are ultra-thin and discreet. They are easy to apply and water resistant. The padded dressings allow you to put on your shoes in total comfort;

Measurements: 1,7 x 5,7 cm.

Thanks to its moisturizing serum you will relieve pain and help healing.

Instructions for use

1) Wash the affected area and dry it well. Make sure that the skin around and especially the corn is clean of creams and oils. Do not use on an infected wound.
2) Remove the protective paper, and then remove the white paper. Do not touch the adhesive area with your fingers. 3
)Apply the patch by placing the disc directly on the corn;


Pharmaceutical AdvicePharmacy

For optimal adhesion, we recommend warming the patch by rubbing it on with your hands for 1 minute. After a maximum of 48 hours, remove the patch. Leave the affected area to soak for 5 minutes and then remove the dead skin;

Diabetic patients should consult their doctor before using Compeed® dressings. Do not apply on infected wounds. Do not reuse to avoid infection. If the hen gets worse or does not heal, stop exercising and consult your doctor. Never cut a Compeed® dressing. Adhesive residues are easily removed with a little alcohol, taking into account the care instructions for each fabric.


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