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Complidermol is a specialist hair care brand. It is a well-known brand specialized in hair treatments that is characterized by providing customers with a varied catalog of top quality products that seek the well-being of people's hair through exclusive formulations.

Complidermol hair treatments are specifically designed and developed to provide practical, innovative, safe, high quality and proven solutions that contribute to the health and beauty of hair. The Complidermol hair treatment catalogue is very extensive and complete and includes everything from hair loss capsules to hair loss lotions and shampoos.

Complidermol hair loss capsules are an ideal solution to prevent and stop hair loss. These are food supplements that are taken orally to act from the inside and strengthen the hair to keep it healthy and strong for longer. In addition to the Complidermol hair loss capsules, the company also offers hair loss lotions and shampoos that are equally effective, but instead of being taken by mouth, they are applied directly to the hair.

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