Cryopharma™ spray 50ml


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Eliminates warts on both hands and feet with cryotherapy


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Cryopharma | Cryopharma™ spray 50ml

A wart is a small, hard, rough, skin rash that usually appears on both the hands and feet. Their origin is a viral infection and their appearance varies according to where they grow, but they are all annoying and affect our appearance.

Cryopharma® spray is a treatment to remove common and plantar warts based on cryotherapy. This method, used by dermatologists in the eradication of warts, consists of freezing the virus causing the warts at a very low temperature and in an over-concentrated way, specifically at a temperature of -57ºC.

This procedure will cause the wart to fall off in 10 to 14 days. By then, the new healthy skin will have formed underneath it.

Get rid of warts quickly and efficiently!

Instructions for use

1. Insert the foam applicator into its holder.

2. Insert the applicator holder with the foam over the spray valve and hold it down for 3 seconds.

3. Wait 20 seconds after the foam has been impregnated to reduce the temperature.

4. Hold the soft tip of the applicator with the foam on the common wart for 20 seconds and on the plantar wart for 40 seconds.


Dimethylether and propane.



I don't have an opinion yet, I haven't finished the application, but it seems to be working.


Ease of removal of warts

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Common warts are characterized by roughness and usually appear on the hands, knees and elbows. Plantar warts are very similar to common warts but appear on the soles of the feet and tend to be flatter and calloused.


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