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Cumlaude is a well-known brand specializing in products that contribute to people's well-being. Developed by Cumlaude Lab, it offers a wide and complete catalogue of products divided into anti-ageing treatments, dermatological care, gynaecological care and sun care.

Rilastil Cumlaude

All Rilastil Cumlaude products are based on the most innovative technology and the latest scientific advances to promote both skin care and health of people and their quality of life and well-being. In addition to Cumlaude Mucus, Cumlaude Summum, Cumlaude Gineseda and Cumlaude Drenaqua, this firm also has other ranges such as Cumlaude Xeralaude, a line whose products are responsible for the care of drier skin; Cumlaude Topylaude, a range of products for the treatment of atopic skin; Cumlaude Acnilaude, for the care of oily and acne-prone skin; Cumlaude Hydralaude, for the nutrition and hydration of the most sensitive skin; Cumlaude Sebumlaude, for the treatment of skin prone to seborrheic dermatitis; and Cumlaude Advance, a line of hair loss products and treatments that help combat hair loss.


Sunlaude is Cumlaude Lab's sunscreen range, which includes a wide range of sunscreens in different formats, such as creams, gels, sticks and sprays, to help protect your skin from the sun's rays. In addition, Sunlaude contains high levels of photoprotection, and you can choose up to SPF100 for the most sensitive skin, allergic to the sun or at risk of skin reactions, which will effectively protect you from burns while repairing the skin.

Cumlaude Gineseda

Cumlaude Gineseda is a food supplement especially designed for women going through menopause. Cumlaude Gineseda is enriched with soy isoflavones, which help maintain levels of estrogenic compounds and prevent the onset of osteoporosis, relieving the symptoms of menopause with the help of Cumlaude Gineseda!

Cumlaude Intimate Gel

Cumlaude intimate gels, such as Cumlaude Mucus, Deligyn or Gynelaude, are gentle cleansing gels for the intimate area, which thanks to their hygienic and protective action, keep the area clean and protected against possible infections, as well as helping to balance the natural pH and respect the mucous membranes.

Cumlaude intimate gels are also recommended during menstruation, pregnancy and postpartum, in fact, some of them are especially indicated for these stages, as they contain a vulvar physiological PH and prevent the excessive development of microbial flora in the genital area.

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