Dr. Brown's Absorbent Disc Holder 60 uts

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Protection and safety to prevent leakage during breastfeeding



The arrival of a baby is a time full of changes and alterations of the body. Breastfeeding is one of them, in which a woman's body needs all the help it can get to maintain itself safely and comfortably throughout the day;

Dr. Absorbent disc holders are comfortable, ultra-thin, adhesive-free discs that keep milk in place to prevent leakage. They have an ergonomic shape, and adapt perfectly to the shape of the chest, without the need for glue;

Its composition is free of chemical polymers and formulated with biodegradable materials. It's a convenient and convenient way to stay dry and clean at all times.

Protect your body with the utmost security!

Instructions for use

Place on the chest without the need to tighten or fix.



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