Durex products

Durex condoms and intimate accessories with the best offers for you to enjoy your sex life!

Durex is a well-known brand specialized in condoms and lubricants. It is a prestigious firm that develops products designed to contribute to sexual pleasure and health. Get more out of your sexual relations thanks to its great variety of condoms and lubricants that will help to stimulate the pleasure and the satisfaction of your sexual life.

Durex Condoms

Durex has been working for over 80 years in the manufacture of condoms and innovating in formulas that adapt to all needs so that everyone can enjoy sex in a healthy and safe way. More and more people are relying on Durex condoms because of their reliability and effectiveness. Enjoy sex with Durex condoms and don't hesitate to try some as successful as Durex Invisible, one of the star products of this well-known brand. This is the finest range of condoms on the market, with which you will increase your sensitivity and maximise the pleasure of your sexual relations without giving up the safety and protection guaranteed by all Durex condoms.

Durex Lubricants

In addition to condoms, Durex is also one of the leading brands in sexual lubricants, designed to provide different sensations to both men and women, helping to intensify the pleasure of your intimate relationships. Try Durex Play, Durex Lovers Connect and Durex Sensilube!

Durex Lovers Connect

Durex Lovers Connect is one of the most demanded products of this brand, it is a new gel that guarantees and revolutionizes the pleasure in sexual relations, as it provides a cold effect for men and a warm effect for women, increasing the pleasure of both during the relationship. The combination of both temperature effects thanks to Durex Lovers Connect will generate a tingle and a stimulation of the senses that you cannot miss.

Durex Play

Durex Play is a well-known range of lubricants and massage gels which contribute to a greater enjoyment of your sexual relations, helping to combat sexual monotony.

Durex Sensilube

Durex Sensilube is the line of vaginal lubricants designed to restore intimate hydration and relieve vaginal irritation in women during intimate relationships. They effectively fight vaginal dryness by helping to improve women's sexual health and enjoy full sexuality. These vaginal lubricants are fully compatible with women's natural pH and immediately adapt to the body's natural temperature, providing freshness, hydration and maximum comfort."