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Endocare is a Spanish company developed by the IFC Laboratory that produces cosmetics and treatments that favour skin repair and the reduction of the first signs of ageing that begin to appear on the skin. This is one of the leading brands in its sector and many experts recommend Endocare anti-ageing treatments due to their high quality and effectiveness for the care and maintenance of youth, health and beauty of the skin.

Endocare Tensage

Endocare Tensage is one of the best-known product ranges of this prestigious company. This is an anti-ageing cosmetic line that offers treatments with a tensor and firming effect with intense anti-gravity action. Both Endocare Tensage blisters and Endocare Tensage creams effectively combat skin wrinkles, sagging skin and photoaging. The formulation of these anti-wrinkle cosmetics is based on the combination of SCA Biorepair Technology and Tensderm (a high potency firming agent) together with other high quality and effective active ingredients. Restore the firmness and elasticity of your face from the hand of Endocare Tensage blisters and Endocare Tensage creams.

Endocare Cellage

Endocare Cellage is a new concept in anti-aging cosmetics. It is a range of products that offers a complete and complete anti-ageing care when acting at all levels where skin aging occurs. When you reach a certain age, the skin begins to show signs of aging while losing firmness and elasticity, however, the eye contour and Endocare Cellage creams will help you combat the presence of signs of aging such as wrinkles and expression lines by promoting cell renewal thanks to a combination of three patented technologies: IFC-CAF, Wharton Gel Complex and RetinSphere Technology. Don't let the passage of time diminish the appearance of your skin, combine it with Endocare Cellage!


The Endocare-C cosmetic line is composed of intensive products in a convenient and practical single-dose format. With innovative formulas rich in vitamin C, in addition to other carefully selected active ingredients, Endocare-C adapts to the needs of each area of the face and to all skin types so that you can fight aging effectively. Complement your daily cosmetic routine with Endocare-C cosmetics. Choose from Endocare-C Oil Free, Endocare-C20 Proteoglycans and Endocare-C Peel Gel ampoules.

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