Facialderm Whitening treatment pack

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It includes 2 facial treatments and 2 hands

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Facialderm | Facialderm Whitening treatment pack

The skin changes as you get older. It is possible to see wrinkles, spots by the age and dryness. The skin becomes thinner and loses fat, becoming less soft and smooth. You can also take longer to heal.

Facialderm teeth whitening treatment pack is a pack which fights the signs of age helping to minimize stains. The following products make up this pack:

-Gloves for hands and nails 2 pairs of 9ml: is a glove for intensive hand treatment that stimulates the metabolism and regeneration of cells, promoting a bleach and unifying effect of the skin tone.

Formulated with hydrolyzed Pearl it improves the appearance of dark spots and the texture of the skin becomes silky and with a more youthful appearance. It also favours a quick and deep absorption of natural active ingredients into the skin.

-Mask Time Sculpt firming Pearl 30ml 2ut: is a mask that has intensive anti-aging action. Formulated with a concentrate of natural ingredients provides a treatment for face and neck that has a perfect adaptation like a second skin.

Thanks to its active ingredients redefines and gives energy to the most demanding mature skins so you can enjoy the vitality and beauty of a young skin.

Ideal for demanding and mature skin.

Take care of your skin and minimizes stains!

Instructions for use

Open, apply for 15 minutes and remove (without rinsing). This treatment can be done 1 time per week.