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Take care of your skin and that of the whole family with the best natural cosmetics from Weleda

Weleda is a renowned brand specialized in natural products and cosmetics, is one of the pioneering brands in natural cosmetics throughout Europe, offering a wide variety of natural cosmetics and treatments that provide practical, innovative and effective solutions for skin and hair care, both for babies and adults. In addition, Weleda products and cosmetics are formulated exclusively from 100% natural ingredients grown in a sustainable, ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

Weleda has a wide and complete catalogue of cosmetics, including moisturising creams and facial cleansers, firming, anti-stretch marks and even anti-cellulite body oils, such as birch oil, which effectively helps to combat cellulite and prevent skin loss of firmness, while stimulating skin metabolism and facilitating the elimination of liquids.

How are Weleda products different?

Weleda creams, oils and other products are differentiated from other brands by their high content of high quality organic raw materials and by their ethical and environmentally sustainable practices, such as using organic farming and not testing their products on animals. In addition, they do not contain any substances derived from petroleum, such as parabens, silicones, preservatives or synthetic perfumes.

- 100% natural and sustainable cosmetics

- 100% natural ingredients

- 80% organic ingredients

- 0% Petroleum-derived ingredients

- 0% Parabens, preservatives, synthetic perfumes

- 100% NaTrue Certified Cosmetics

- Not tested on animals

- 100% ecological and sustainable cultivation

- Environmentally friendly practices

- Fair, ethical and responsible trade

What natural ingredients do Weleda products contain?

Weleda products are made from top quality natural raw materials, which provide multiple properties and benefits to our skin, while protecting the environment by avoiding the use of toxic substances, making sustainable cosmetics and promoting a healthy skin.

Calendula is an essential ingredient in many Weleda products, mainly intended for sensitive baby skin, which helps to keep skin moisturized and protected, while soothing irritations such as those caused by diaper rash, thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, regenerating and other properties that help repair damaged skin. It is also used to reduce imperfections such as scars, blemishes or pimples, while also serving as an effective make-up remover for sensitive skin. In addition to calendula, Weleda uses many other natural ingredients of plant origin such as lavender, pomegranate, rosehip or birch.

Due to their natural and biological ingredients, all Weleda products have a high dermatological tolerance, even in the most sensitive skin, although it may cause allergic reactions in people sensitive to a certain substance, such as some of the plants used in their cosmetics. Weleda products do not contain any toxic or harmful substances, as they do not contain sulphites or petroleum-derived ingredients. Even so, you will be able to check all its ingredients on the label of each product.

Weleda cosmetics also do not contain traces of eggs, rubber, crustaceans or substances derived from these raw materials, just as they do not contain cow's milk or lactose, although some may contain lactic acid of plant origin, and do not contain ingredients of animal origin. They are therefore totally suitable for vegans, as well as coeliacs, as they do not contain gluten either.

Discover all the benefits of Weleda natural cosmetics and take care of yourself in the most natural way!

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