Farline Atopic Bath Gel 500 ml

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Helps reduce the frequency of flare-ups in atopic skin

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8,71 € 6,30 €
Only 1 unit at this price


Bath gel that helps to reduce the frequency of outbreaks in atopic skin. Atopic dermatitis is an increasingly common inflammatory skin disease manifested by outbreaks of inflammation and lesions that cause intense itching. This gel provides soothing, moisturising and regeneration. It is for daily use. Its pH must be respected and without drying out the skin, this gel contains a pH 5.5, which provides a feeling of comfort, its moisturising agents maintain the right level of hydration and the chamomile extract soothes discomfort. It contains no parabens or reportable allergens, tested under dermatological and paediatric control.

Instructions for use

On skin previously moistened with lukewarm water, apply evenly over the whole body with a gentle massage without rubbing. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, irritated or sensitive areas. External use.

Price per 100 ML

1,26 € / 100 ml

Pharmaceutical Advice

Chamomile is a herbaceous plant from the Chamomilla or Matricaria species. Chamomile extract is used as a cosmetic ingredient for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties on skin with dermatitis. Its essential oil is rich in substances such as bisabolol, which provides a soothing effect. The extract also contains flavonoids, polysaccharides and coumarins. The synergy of these substances with antibacterial and antioxidant effects (such as flavonoids) protects the skin from oxidative damage. The plant also contains mineral salts that help strengthen the skin's defences and contribute to skin cell renewal.

Chamomile contains mucilage, and fibres that absorb water and act as energy reserves for the plant. This absorption capacity is used to form thick solutions and gels, which is why we can find shampoos, bath gels or lotions formulated with chamomile. Hair products that include chamomile in their formulation take advantage of the effect of three flavonoids (apigenin, quercetin and azulene) to gradually lighten hair colour. The effect is natural, as it is not an aggressive bleaching substance, and confers golden hues. Unlike some dyes, it respects the integrity of the hair fibre because it does not penetrate the cuticle.




The applicator works very well and the product is good

Gemma G.

It is great for atopic skins and it is very effective, since it makes a lot of foam



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