FisioVen plus 50 caps.

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Promotes blood circulation thanks to its natural active ingredients


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Aboca | FisioVen plus 50 caps.

Poor blood circulation has as one of its most obvious consequences the effect of tired legs, which if not cared for can lead to the feared varicose veins. When the problem does not require medical treatment but you want to provide a little help to improve it, you can resort to treatments based on natural products.

Fisioven plus capsules promote blood circulation thanks to their excellent composition made from natural active ingredients. Among these assets are Rusco, horse chestnut, red vine, Asian sparkling wine and shamamelis.

Relieves the feeling of fatigue in the legs!

Instructions for use

Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening.


Quantity per 2 capsules: Rusco root freeze-dried extract 240 mg titrated in total ruscogenins 10% 24 mg; centella leaves total concentrate 238,4 mg titrated in triterpé derivativesTotal only as asiaticoside 12,6% 30 mg; red vine leaves total concentrate 168 mg; witch hazel leaves total concentrate 161,6 mg.



i'm doing great for varicose veins and they're natural. I used to take venoruton but these capsules are great for me

Mar C.

Before, when the hot season started, my legs were tired and I haven't noticed the heaviness in my legs since I took it. It worked for me.

Yolanda V.

Pharmaceutical AdvicePharmacy

The recommended daily dose contains Rusco Root Extract Freeze Dried Extract 240 mg titrated in total ruscogenins 10% 24 mg; Centella leaves total concentrate 238.4 mg titrated in total triterpene derivatives expressed as asiaticoside 12.6% 30 mg; Red Vine leaves total concentrate 168 mg; Hamamelis leaves total concentrate 161.6 mg.


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