Fluirespira nasal cleansing saline solution with applicator 30 single doses


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5,89 €

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Sterile physiological solution for children and adults that will clean both nostrils and eyes

30 monodosis

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Fluirespira | Fluirespira nasal cleansing saline solution with applicator 30 single doses

Nasal congestion is one of the most unpleasant symptoms when you have a cold or an allergy. In addition to being annoying, it also affects your day-to-day life; when we don't breathe properly, the oxygenation of our brain is not as effective as it should be, causing you to feel exhausted, with general discomfort and making it harder to fall asleep.

Fluirespira nasal cleansing saline solution is a physiological, sterile and sotonic solution for nasal decongestion. Perfect for daily washing of the nostrils and eyes.

It includes a reusable adapter that prevents injury to the inside of the nose, thanks to its smooth edges and soft rubber. Fluirespira is designed for all ages, mainly for babies and children, as its adapter allows the liquid to be dispensed, making it less aggressive for the child.

Don't let a cold keep you from sleeping well!

Instructions for use

How to use Fluirespira nasal cleansing saline solution with applicator

Take a single dose, remove the protective head and apply the nasal adapter. One single dose. Discard it after using it.



Good nasal cleansing serum

Susana C.

The best serums I have found, also thanks to the applicator that includes perfect for babies and take them on a trip.

Esther S.


Rafael M.

Cleanses the nose and eyes very well with eye baths. I recommend it for a good hygiene of the nose and eyes.


Good quality

Ana R.

It's been great.

Ana M.

It's great that it comes in single doses, and it's also good for cleaning the eyes with eye baths.


perfect. The best applicator that includes that greatly facilitates the application.

Rafael S.

I bought it because it has the rubber applicator for the little guy's nose. The applicator goes tambień for other brands of cheaper single-dose.

Alejandro P.

With the applicator very comfortable and safe. Too bad they don't let you order more than 10 in the same order

Fernando L.

Very economical

Manuel G.

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