GHF sun-dried green clay 500g

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Disinfects and purifies acne-prone skin and tones tired muscles


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GHF | GHF sun-dried green clay 500g

The cosmetic value of green clay is of great importance, as it is a cleansing and purifying agent that applied to your skin will help you remove all impurities that have accumulated in your pores. That is why it is a treatment tailored to the acne or fat skin.

GHF green sun-dried clay is an ideal solution for disinfecting and purifying the skin of your face. This treatment will act effectively on acne, eczema or boils, attenuating their appearance.

In addition, this green GHF sun-dried clay will help you warm up, cleanse and tone up tired muscles and, in the event of burns, promote healing. It is also useful for pregnant women who feel back pain.

Deeply cleanses and purifies the skin!

Instructions for use

Mix the clay with water and knead until a thick paste is obtained. Apply directly to the skin, hot or cold, as often as necessary. To obtain a hot paste, mix it either with very hot water or heat it in a water bath.




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Anonymous A.

I've never tried it before but the result of the skin after the mask has delighted me, a bit cumbersome to have to create the paste with water but that gets better with practice

Anonymous A.


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