Goah Clinic Cellulit 60caps

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Goah Clinic Cellulit 60caps

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40,27 € 29,48 €
Only 3 units at this price


Goah Clinic Celulit 60caps is elaborated with caffeine from Guarana and green tea plants that acts promoting the lipolytic effect of the L-carnitine. Collaborates to burn the fat in our body and ends with the cellulite. In addition, it also reduces appetite and anxiety of eating.

Goah Clinic Celulit60caps benefits:

  • Reduces anxiety by eating thanks to its content of ginger.
  • It has satiating effect.
  • Ideal for treating the cellulite.

It visibly reduces cellulite efficiently!

Instructions for use

Take 2 capsules a day, before breakfast and one before the meal

Recommended: prior to this treatment is advisable to 1 month of liver detoxification with Goah Detox.

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Pharmaceutical Advice

Ginger is a plant widely used in traditional medicine because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

As an ingredient in dietary supplements, it is anti-inflammatory and stimulates digestion. It can reduce gas formation in the intestine and has antiemetic properties (in cases of nausea and motion sickness during travel). It may also be of interest to mitigate menstrual cramps.

It is important to take dietary supplements in the dosage recommended by the manufacturer and in the context of a balanced diet. People with digestive and/or other chronic diseases should consult a healthcare professional.




This is the 4th box and I don't notice much but I continue because I still notice the effect later on.

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