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Keep away mosquitoes and lice with the best Goibi repellents

Goibi is a brand specialized in mosquito repellent products and anti-lice treatments for children. This is a well-known brand of Cinfa Laboratories that is characterized by its wide range of repellents and mosquito repellents for children, which repel mosquitoes and other insects, keeping them away from children and avoiding annoying bites.

How do Goibi mosquito nets work for children?

Goibi mosquito repellents for children are made with low concentrations of DEET or IR3535, as is the case with Goibi Pediatric, which is effective against tiger mosquitoes and can be used on children as young as 1 year old, even babies with sensitive skin, as it does not contain alcohol or dyes. Other of its repellent products are formulated with natural ingredients such as citronella, which offers effective protection against mosquitoes and other insects, in addition to not irritating the skin.

Goibi products are available in various formats such as mosquito spray and bracelets, which are very comfortable for children, or mosquito patches, repellent stickers and citronella key rings, which will protect adults, children and babies from mosquito bites and other insects.

In addition to mosquito repellents, Goibi also develops effective anti-lice treatments, which completely eliminate the plagues of lice in both children and adults, as well as products that prevent the spread and reinfestation of these small parasites in dangerous places and times, such as the start of school or nursery school. Thanks to its wide variety of products such as shampoos, lotions and anti-lice sprays, it will be easy to keep lice away from your children.

Discover Goibi's best mosquito and lice repellent for every moment and keep mosquitoes and lice away for longer!

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