Hylo-Dual™ 10ml

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Eye drops to help relieve eye allergy symptoms


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HYLO | Hylo-Dual™ 10ml

Burning, itching, tearing, foreign body sensation, or dry eye are symptoms of hypersensitivity to certain substances such as dust or pollen, also called allergy. These symptoms often indicate that the eye is not sufficiently moisturized, and therefore requires continuous moisturization with eye drops.

Hylo-Dual® is a eye drops that will help relieve eye allergy symptoms such as itching and burning by hydrating the cornea and conjunctiva and protecting them from excessive tear evaporation.

Thanks to the special valve technology of the COMOD® system, the size and speed of each drop are identical, guaranteeing optimum application. In addition, its formula contains sodium hyaluronate, a physiological substance found in the eye and other parts of the body.

*Compatible with contact lenses. Formula free of preservatives and phosphates.

It's your tear film again!

Instructions for use

Before the first application, hold the container vertically with the tip down and press the base until the first drop appears on the nozzle. Now you can proceed to the following applications: Tilt your head back slightly, gently pull down the lower eyelid and press down on the base of the container firmly and quickly. This activates the mechanism for the release of a drop. Slowly close your eyes so that the fluid is distributed evenly over the surface of the eye. After application, immediately apply the cap and apply one drop three times a day to each eye.


Sodium hyaluronate. ECTOINE.




Maria P.

because it soothes my itchy eyes

Mª A.

I like the product, but the packaging system doesn't (the drops don't fall, they're released under pressure)

Mireia C.

Perfect for dry eyes

Marta C.

good product

Manuel C.

I knew him before I asked.

Javier H.

recommended product

Maria T.


Almudena H.

i've been using it for a while because of the allergies I have. And the truth is, from the first great day.

Maria T.

of the best

Manuel C.

he's a producer who sent me the oculist for allergies, and I'm doing great

Almudena H.

It goes very well for dry eye situations.

Francisco S.

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