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Intimina is a Swedish brand specialized in products that take care of women's intimate health at all stages of their lives Intimina products cover three essential areas of feminine intimate care, pelvic flooring, menstruation and feminine well-being. The pelvic floor strengthening line offers different models of pelvic exercisers and pelvic strengtheners, which help prevent problems such as incontinence. One of its star products is the menstrual cup, a new method that collects menstrual flow while respecting the intimate balance of women and avoiding dryness and other intimate problems associated with the use of tampons. Finally, its line of women's wellness products offers different types of intimate massagers and vibrators that help improve our intimate well-being, relieving stress and restoring female comfort

Intimina Mestrual Cup

All Intimina products are made of soft and hypoallergenic silicone, which respects the vaginal ph at all times, and do not cause irritation, dryness or alterations in the intimate area. The Intimina menstrual cups are the best choice to finish off traditional tampons and sanitary towels, Especially its Lly Cup model, with a compact design and a unique shape that fits perfectly to the intimate female anatomy, offering up to 12 hours of continuous protection, adapt to the needs of women. They take up very little space and have a protective case that you can take with you anywhere, discover Intimina's menstrual cups and you'll be ready to go at any time!

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