Iriscup menstrual cup Size S 1pc

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Ecological and comfortable product for intimate hygiene for women


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27,00 € 9,72 €
Only 7 units at this price


Irisana | Iriscup menstrual cup Size S 1pc

Iriscup menstrual cup Size S 1udis a menstrual cup indicated for intimate hygiene ofwomen. It adapts perfectly to your body, avoiding unpleasant menstrual leakage. A comfortable and effective product!

Made ofplatinum silicone, a chemically inert material, so it does not react with anything. It is the safest material that can come into contact with our body, itwill not cause any kind of reactions(such as allergy or inflammation) and it will adapt perfectly to your vaginal environment.

It is completely non-toxic, unalterable, odourless and sterilizable. Suitable for all women, even those with dermatological allergies to tampons or latex.

It is compatible with the IUD and the contraceptive ring.

Size S: For women up to 25 years of age and who have not given birth.

And as a gift, a sterilizing bag so you can take your menstrual cup wherever you want.

For hygienic reasons, no returns or exchanges will be accepted for this product

Instructions for use

• Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the product.
• Sterilise before use. Boil the cup for 3 to 5 minutes, dry and wait for it to cool before inserting.
• To insert: Bend the cup to insert it in the vagina. The most common shape is a 'c' shape, grasp the cup with your fingers so that it holds this shape during insertion. Try to find a position that makes insertion easier (squatting, placing one leg on a high object or lying down). Use lubricant or moisten the cup to facilitate insertion.
Push all the way in, once inside, the cup will unfold to form a secure leak-proof area.
• To remove: Squeeze the bottom of the cup, empty the contents into the toilet, rinse, clean and dry.
*Maximum usage time without removing the cup is usually about 12 hours. After this time boil the cup in a saucepan or specific sterilising pot for 3 to 5 minutes. Keep it in its box or bag until your next period.




Pharmaceutical Advice

Menstrual cups are made of a flexible, soft, hypoallergenic material that respects the natural vagina flora and prevents dryness and irritation. They collect more blood than tampons or pads but must be emptied and washed regularly and should not be used for more than 12 hours. Choosing the menstrual cup has several advantages. In the long term it is cheaper than using tampons and pads, it does not cause dryness and maintains the vagina’s natural moisture. The hypoallergenic material used to make menstrual cups does not produce any kind of reaction or allergy and does not smell as it is not in contact with the air. Of course, it is an eco-friendly and planet-friendly option.

It is important to choose the right menstrual cup size. They are usually classified as S, M and L, but some brands choose letters and others indicate their size according to their capacity. The size may vary depending on your flow (whether it is heavy, medium or light) or whether you have had children. To help you choose, if you have given birth the best option is an L, if you are over 30 and have no children you could choose a size M and if you are younger, in general, your size will be an S.

It is compatible with IUDs and other contraceptive methods.

Regarding sex, all menstrual cups are suitable for non-penetrative sex, although there are now some menstrual cups in the market designed to use during penetrative sex.




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