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Juanola is a brand specialized in voice and throat care products. It is a well-known and emblematic Spanish brand that has extensive experience and knowledge in the development of products for the care of the throat and is given thanks to a centennial history. Juanola began his professional career more than a hundred years ago and has its origin in a small pharmacy in the city of Barcelona.

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This prestigious brand has always been characterized by the use of natural ingredients and first quality in the formulation and development of all its products to promote the care of the throat and voice in a natural and effective way.

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The catalogue of products that the Juanola brand can boast of is very wide and complete and includes sweets, balsamic pearls, chewing gum, sucking gum, royal jelly, propolis, jarabaes and mouth sprays that are specifically designed and formulated to provide answers and solutions that are practical, proven, innovative and of high quality to help satisfy and ensure a guaranteed care of the voice and throat.

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Take a look at the Juanola brand items available in the product catalogue on our website, choose the ones you like best and adjust them to your specific needs and in the format you find most comfortable and buy your favourite Juanola brand products at the best price thanks to the great promotions and discounts we have prepared with you and the health and wellbeing of your throat in mind, do not hesitate to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and take care of your voice in the most effective way with natural quality products from Juanola!

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