Kern Pharma gel piernas cansadas 250ml


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17,19 €

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Relaxes symptoms of tired legs


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KERN | Kern Pharma gel piernas cansadas 250ml

Poor circulation and tired legs are one of the common problems in the daily life of many people. This congestion causes discomfort and an unpleasant feeling of heaviness. With Kern Pharma tired legs gel we will help you to relieve symptoms and maintain optimal blood circulation.

Its formula rich in menthol, ruscus and aloe will provide a pleasant sensation of freshness leaving the legs hydrated and stimulating circulation;

It is indicated as an aid in the treatment of venous circulatory disorders (tingling, heaviness, itching, etc.). It can be used daily.

Get your legs fresh and relaxed!

Instructions for use

Daily use. Apply with a gentle massage that promotes circulation, always from bottom to top.



I usually put it on at bedtime and it relieves me besides the freshness that I feel, I stay very comfortable.

Ludy G.

Pharmaceutical AdvicePharmacy

Poor circulation is one of the common pathologies of our time. To relieve your symptoms one of the effective solutions is a good massage with the right gel. This should always be done from the bottom up, favouring the return of the venous blood.

If you notice that your legs are very heavy and you are at home, one of the most effective remedies is to stretch and lift your legs slightly, so that we also encourage the return of blood.


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