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Korres is a prestigious Greek natural cosmetics firm that offers effective and advanced skin care formulas. The cosmetics of this well-known brand are composed of high quality active ingredients obtained from natural products and at a price that allows daily use.

Korres Rosa Salvaje is one of the star lines of the firm. Korres Rosa Salvaje is a complete range of care products for healthy and rejuvenated skin, so that the face always looks its best. The Korres Rosa Salvaje line is made up of day creams, serums, masks and anti-stain treatments, among other products.

Choosing a Korres cream is a commitment to Greek natural cosmetics. The benefits of a Korres cream on your skin will be visible and lasting, since the cosmetics of this firm are made with active ingredients of natural origin selected for their quality and effectiveness. Check out the Korres creams available in our marketplace and don't miss the incredible promotions and offers we have to offer you the best prices on Korres creams.

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