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Letibalm is a brand specializing in nose and lip care products. This is a brand developed by LETI laboratories that provides customers with products formulated to promote the effective care and repair of lips and nose.

The nose is one of the areas that can be most affected by the action of cold and wind and Letibalm Intranasal has the solution.

Letibalm Intranasal is ideal for fighting nasal dryness, as it contributes to the effective hydration and repair of the nose.

Do not let the cold dry your nose, water it and repair it with Intranasal Letibalm.

Infants often suffer minor irritations in the nose and mouth area due to constant contact with saliva, wipes or tissues and Letibalm Pediatric contributes to the hydration and repair of these areas.

Moisturizes and soothes baby's delicate skin and fights irritations effectively with Letibalm Pediatric Repair Balms.

Letibalm Peribucal protects the contour of the mouth exposed to continuous moisture.

Do not allow the contour of the mouth to dry out, contribute to its repair and deep hydration by the hand of Letibalm Peribucal, an ideal product for the elderly, babies and teething age children.

Try Letibalm Peribucal now and fight irritation of the area around the mouth.

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