Mama Zebra products

Take care of your skin with the best cosmetics from Mama Zebra

What is Mama Zebra?

Mama Zebra is an innovative Spanish cosmetics brand that adapts the ancient traditions and beauty rituals of our country, producing natural creams and cosmetics that provide effective solutions for skin care and cleansing, facial hydration and make-up. Its products are natural and have not been tested on animals.

What do Mama Zebra cosmetics offer?

Mama Zebra products contain only natural and vegetable ingredients, helping to cleanse and soothe atopic, reactive and acne-prone skin, as they include active ingredients such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, rosehip oil or grapefruit essential oil, which help prevent skin irritations and skin disorders, as well as imperfections, which you can cover with Mama Zebra's natural make-up, which contains vitamins and anti-aging elements - try Mama Zebra's natural cosmetics!