Marimer Isotonic Seawater Spray 100 ml

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Isotonic Sea Water Nasal Spray

100 ml

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6,20 € 4,69 €
Only 2 units at this price


Physiological solution of sterile seawater for daily nasal hygiene. It is a natural product, in spray format. It contains mineral salts and marine trace elements. Suitable for daily nasal washes, stuffy or dry nose. Contributes to the cleansing, decongestion and humidification of the nasal mucosa.


100% sterile isotonic diluted sea water.

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Pharmaceutical Advice

Seawater has moisturising and cleansing effects on the nasal and otic mucous membranes. It is rich in elements and trace elements in the form of different salts that contain: chlorine, sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, fluorine, iron, manganese, iodine, etc. Nasal cleansing with seawater helps to maintain cilia function (microscopic hair-like structures in the nose) and helps to moisten the air. It carries away impurities and particles, such as allergens, bacteria, viruses and particles from environmental pollution.

It can be isotonic (i.e. with the same salt concentration as saline) or hypertonic (with a higher salt concentration). In both cases, it decongests, loosens mucus and helps to expel it (hypertonic water has a more intense effect in this sense). The use of a nasal cleansing spray with seawater is a very useful measure in the case of nasal obstruction due to colds, the flu or nasal dryness caused by external factors, as it improves nasal and respiratory well-being. In otic application, it also helps to clean the ear canal.




Meets my expectations

Irene L.

I do not recommend it, it takes a long time to take effect and the dosage is very bad

Angel F.


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