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Discover the power of proteoglycans and rejuvenate your face with MartiDerm

MartiDerm is a renowned brand specialized in the development of skin care products, offering effective solutions to the different needs of each skin type, such as premature aging, acne or blemishes, as well as specific treatments for skin disorders such as rosacea.

For this purpose, they produce high quality cosmetics for facial care, such as moisturizers, anti-ageing serums and ampoules, eye contours, micellar waters or purifying gels for different skin types. You will also find body treatments, such as creams, lotions and exfoliators that will help you moisturize, firm and remodel your figure, preventing the signs of body aging, as well as draining, toning and nutricosmetic that will help you activate microcirculation and purify your body from the inside.

How do MartiDerm Ampoules work?

MartiDerm facial blisters are without a doubt one of its most outstanding products. Thanks to their exclusive and innovative formulas, which contain a high concentration of active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans and retinol, among many others, they provide effective results against premature aging. You'll also find flash blisters, which act instantly, smoothing out wrinkles on the face and erasing signs of fatigue, plus oil free blisters or blisters with UVA/UVB filters that will protect your face from the sun's rays.

What are Martiderm Proteoglycans and what are they for?

Proteoglycans are natural macrocells that help restore epidermal cells, restoring skin function and physiology. They are formed by a carrier protein and different chains of glycosaminoglycans, such as hyaluronic acid, which increase proliferation, the cellular metabolism of connective tissues and the transfer of fatty acids, at the same time as they have an anti-inflammatory action, accelerate the healing processes, increase the connection and communication between the cells and regulate the watery content of the connective tissue, absorbing a large volume of water, which contributes to the turbidity of the skin.

The MartiDerm Proteoglycans treatment in blisters helps to firm the skin, attenuating wrinkles and expression lines caused by age, while effectively combating facial flaccidity and preventing the signs of aging and premature aging.

What are MartiDerm's best anti-aging treatments?

MartiDerm has different ranges and lines of cosmetics for facial care, specially developed to meet the needs of each skin type:


sun exposure.

It has an anti-pollution and firming effect.

- Black Diamond: is MartiDerm's high-tech anti-aging range for mature skin, with an anti-oxidant that acts intensively to delay the signs of aging it enhances firmness and elasticity, while protecting against cell damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

- Platinum: this line of products stimulates cell renewal and improves firmness, elasticity and hydration, restoring the vitality of the skin.

- Pigment Zero: prevents and reduces the appearance of skin blemishes, unifies skin tone and brightens the face.

In addition to offering treatments to improve the appearance of the skin, MartiDerm advises to take care of it also from the inside of our body, leading a healthy life and following some guidelines day by day that your skin will appreciate.

1. Take care of your diet

2. Exercise regularly

3. Pamper and care for your skin every day

Improve the appearance and firmness of your skin with the best anti-aging treatments from MartiDerm!

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