Mavala Eglatine Lipstick No. 26

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Mavala lipstick that deeply moisturizes and provides a beautiful, long-lasting tone.

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Mavala | Mavala Eglatine Lipstick No. 26

The lips need special care because, unlike the rest of the epidermis, they have no protection against external irritants and, consequently, are more exposed to harmful weather conditions such as bad weather, wind, cold, sun and pollution.

Mavala Eglatine Lipstick No. 26 is a product of the Mavala lipstick range, which contains the complex , which combines plant extracts (Candelilla wax, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera), moisturizing, softening, regenerating and protective agents, with vitamin E and a protective agent.

This lipstick is made with an exclusive combination of waxes and oils that form a uniform film, providing luminosity, firmness, shine and texture and leaving a pleasant sensation on the lips.

It's long-lasting, so lips maintain their spectacular satin shine. Hour after hour it stays flawless, with perfect coverage and color keeps its radiance.

Thanks to its texture it glides easily, depositing a thin and uniform layer, without feeling of thickness.

If you want soft, silky lips, this lipstick is your ideal product, try it!

Instructions for use

Apply Mavala lipstick on the bevelled side or with the help of a brush. For an even cleaner and more precise contour, draw a thin line around the lips.

Gently press on the lips to fix the lipstick and if a satin gloss effect is desired, apply a second coat.


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