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Mitigal is a brand specialized in products and treatments designed and developed specifically for the removal of lice and nits from the heads of children. It is a brand developed by Laboratorios Salvat that, among many other things, is characterized by offering its customers a wide and complete catalogue of products that seek to provide answers and solutions that are practical, innovative, effective and high quality to contribute to the well-being of people's hair and effectively combat both lice and nits.

If you're looking for quality, proven lice treatments, Mitigal is your brand. Because of the ease with which head lice are spread and transmitted, they are most common among school-age children, whether in day care centers or schools. These are small parasites that feed on blood and adhere to the hair and are very difficult to eliminate, which is why products and treatments specifically formulated to eliminate lice are necessary. In this sense, Mitigal takes on a special role as an expert brand in anti-lice treatments.

Mitigal has both anti-lice shampoos and anti-lice lotions, as well as more complete anti-lice packs and treatment kits for comprehensive care. Take a look at the anti-lice treatments available in the product catalogue on our website, choose the ones you like best and buy them at the best price thanks to the great promotions and offers we have prepared for you. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity and effectively remove lice and nits from the heads of the little ones. In our marketplace you will also find Mitigal soothing gel, ideal for instantly relieving irritations caused by insect bites or plant rubbing.