Nale Artecir 20amp


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Natural treatment to relieve circulatory problems and tired legs


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Nale | Nale Artecir 20amp

Sedentariness, an unbalanced diet, or alcohol or tobacco consumption are some of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. In the short term, these habits can also lead to a dull veining of your veins, especially in the lower extremities, resulting in the dreaded"tired legs".

Nale Artecir is a natural supplement based on myrtil, red vine, blackcurrant, hesperidin and routine bioflavonoids.All of them are ingredients that will help to promote circulation in the extremities and thus relieve the feeling of tired legs.

Each of its ingredients brings you different benefits:

- The myrtle, rich inlavonoids and vitamins A and C, has antihemorrhagic and venotonic properties, so it will improve the circulation of your blood vessels, both veins and capillaries.

- The red vine has vasoprotective components, the tannins, that fight venous insufficiency and capillary fragility, increasing the resistance of the blood vessels. The tannins promote the contraction of the muscle cells, so they facilitate the return of the blood accumulated in your legs to the heart.

- Blackcurrant also contains flavonoids and contributes to general circulatory health.

- Acerola is rich in vitamin C, which acts on the clotting factors, which are the defense factors of the blood. It also fortifies the veins and arteries giving them greater elasticity.

Promotes circulatory health to relieve tired legs!

Instructions for use

Take 1 ampoule a day.


Blackcurrant 1000mg, blackcurrant 1000mg, red vine 500mg, acerola 50% vitamin C 250mg, rutin 60mg, hesperidin 60mg, fructose.


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