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NAN is a prestigious brand of infant milk. It is a well-known formula milk company that has a long history in the development and research of this type of infant nutrition product. More and more people are choosing NAN to feed their children because of the quality of their milk.

Nan belongs to the Nestlé group, a brand dedicated to the care of the feeding of the youngest and one of the most complete infant milk lines on the market. Nestlé NAN is one of the best-known and most successful ranges of infant formulas. For more than 150 years, Nestlé has been innovating in the production and development of its products with the present and future well-being and health of children in mind. Contribute to the correct growth and development of your child with Nestlé NAN.

NAN milk contributes to your baby's digestive well-being while helping to boost his or her immune system to ensure optimal development of your child and that he or she can grow strong and healthy.

NAN milk is made with top quality ingredients carefully selected to provide the baby with the nutrients necessary for its development.

Trust the NAN milk and your child will grow in the best conditions.

NAN Expert Digest is the NAN milk dedicated to the digestive problems of children.

Many babies suffer from colic, gas or constipation and with NAN Expert Digest you will relieve their digestive problems to contribute to their wellbeing, while providing them with all the nutrients necessary for them to grow strong and healthy.

Feed your baby and anticipate digestive problems with NAN Expert Digest.

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