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Neoretin is a cosmetic brand that offers innovative skin care products and belongs to the IFC laboratories, as well as other major cosmetic brands such as Heliocare, Endocare and NeoStrata. Neoretin uses the exclusive RetinSphere technology, created by the IFC laboratories, which provides the skin with the multiple benefits of retinoic acid, such as its anti-wrinkle and firming properties, as well as activating the natural production of collagen.

Neoretin specializes in the formulation of innovative cosmetic technologies that help improve the appearance of skin damaged over time. Its products have been dermatologically tested and proven to be effective in 73% of cases. Neoretin also pays special attention to sensitive skin and skin with pigmentation problems and a tendency to blemishes, as well as skin problems caused by photoaging.

Neoretin Serum and Neoretin cream gel are the most outstanding products of the Neoretin brand, as they help to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and expression lines and prevent the formation of melanin, leaving the skin soft, homogeneous and luminous, as well as preventing and avoiding the appearance of spots.

Thanks to Neoretin we can take care of our skin with the most innovative technology to erase the signs of aging caused by age and sun exposure, significantly improving the appearance of the skin. Try the new products Neoretin Serum and Neoretin cream gel and forget about wrinkles and blemishes!

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