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NeoStrata is a well-known cosmetic brand developed by the IFC laboratory that offers formulated products based on AHA's (alpha-hydroxy acids), a group of organic acids that contribute to the renewal, exfoliation, hydration and effective care of the skin of the face and other specific parts of the body. NeoStrata divides its catalogue into several product lines or ranges, among which some well-known ones stand out such as: NeoStrata Resurface, NeoStrata Refine, NeoStrata Restore, NeoStrata Targeted, NeoStrata Skin Active and NeoStrata Bionica.

NeoStrata Skin Active

NeoStrata Skin Active is the range of cosmetics that helps you achieve longer, healthier looking, beautiful looking skin. The NeoStrata Skin Active product line is very broad and you can find everything from eye contours to night creams, neck and décolletage creams, serums and foams. Reaffirms your skin, contributes to its luminosity and good looks with NeoStrata Skin Active.

NeoStrata Bionics

NeoStrata Bionica is the line for the intensive care and treatment of photo-aging in all skin types. The products that make up the NeoStrata Bionica range include formulations based on lactobionic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid with a gentle exfoliating action and great moisturising and antioxidant capacity, which effectively prevents and corrects the first signs of ageing, fine wrinkles and lack of hydration in the skin. Treat skin photoaging with NeoStrata Bionic Creams.

NeoStrata Forte Salicylic Gel

NeoStrata Salicylic Forte Gel goes far beyond hygiene, as it is a product that exfoliates, hydrates and has an effective sebum-regulating effect. With NeoStrata Forte Salicylic Gel you will achieve healthier, smoother and more matte skin. NeoStrata Forte Salicylic Gel Forte is formulated with glycolic acid and salicylic acid, which helps to reduce skin marks and helps to eliminate excess sebum.

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