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Repairs diarrhea processes in children and recovers fluid and mineral levels


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Children tend to suffer from constant diarrhoea, caused by multiple causes, which causes an imbalance in the body's fluid and mineral levels. Using specific treatments for them is the perfect solution to end the problem, visibly improving your child's health.

Neosuerin is a food supplement indicated for repairing diarrhoeal problems, and the dehydration it causes. Repairs the levels of fluid and mineral salts lost from excess diarrhea, making children feel more comforted and healthy.

It has a small contribution of sweetener to make it a rich and tasty treatment for the palates of the youngest, making it easier to take. You will notice how your child recovers in a short time and his or her body begins to work normally.

*Format in single-dose practices.

Reduce children's diarrhea quickly and effectively!

Instructions for use

The dosage depends on the consumer's needs. Recommended dose 1 unit of 50 ml every 2.5 hours or 100 ml every 5 hours


Chloride37 mosmol/l, citrate 14.8 mosmol/l, potassium 20 mosmol/l, sodium 62.2 mosmol/l, glucose 88.5 mosmol/l, osmolarity 223.3 mosmol/.



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