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Discover the wide range of pediculicidal products to prevent and combat lice pests in children

Nosa is a specialist brand in the development of anti-lice products for children, designed to combat and prevent head lice, while caring for and protecting the skin and scalp of children thanks to its composition based on active ingredients such as tea tree oil and harmless substances such as dimethicone.

How are Nosa's anti-lice products different?

Tea tree oil is one of the main components of Nosa anti-lice products, as it has no harmful health effects and helps to reduce scalp irritation, while preventing lice infestation. You will find a wide variety of Nosa anti-lice products made from tea tree, such as shampoos, pediculicidal hair masks, triple action sprays to moisturize and protect hair from both lice and sun rays, and even styling wax, which will keep lice away while providing a flexible hold and a matte finish.

Are Nosa anti-lice safe for children?

All Nosa anti-lice products combat pests, prevent the spread of lice and protect the scalp from possible irritations caused by head lice, while caring for children's skin and hair. In addition to having a fresh and pleasant aroma that will delight children. They do not contain parabens, sulphates, dyes or pesticides and have been pediatrician tested and are suitable for babies from 12 months of age.

Eliminate lice in the most fun and effective way!

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