Nutrabalm™ rhinitis spray 20ml

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It will help to combat the effects of the costipado in your nose


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Isdin | Nutrabalm™ rhinitis spray 20ml

Produced by the who and allergies, nasal congestion can be a nuisance during the nights, itching in the nose and the nasal musoca and the outer skin damage due to handkerchiefs to ring us and uncomfortable to talk about. For this reason, it is very important that we look for outside help to decongest and treat rhinosinusitis or nasal congestion.

Nutrabalm® of ISDIN rhinitis spray is uniquely suited to decongest, relieve itching and help regenerate the nasal mucosa damaged by the effects of the costipado, allergy or problems of chronic rhinitis. Thus, with its special formula, it will act on the mucosal tissues, preventing and treating congestion.

The benefits that will bring Isdin rhinitis spray nutrabalm are:

  • - Decongesting and inflammation of the nasal mucosa tissue
  • -Help to remove excess fluid from the nasal mucosa
  • -Favors and returns the natural comfort to breath
  • -It stimulates the damaged nasal mucosa regeneration
  • - Relieves itching

Reclaim the welfare of your nose!

Instructions for use

Apply 1 or 2 sprays with Isdin nutrabalm rhinitis spray in each nostril, repeat several times daily.


Hypertonic saline solution with ectoine 2%.



When you have a cold, I give it to them and it relieves them

Leyre R.

I'm satisfied with this product, it's not aggressive and it pulls out the snot very well which is what I wanted it for

Leyre R.

i have it to use in the future


Pharmaceutical AdvicePharmacy

Nasal congestion can be due to many factors: colds, flu, allergies... Nutrabalm® rhinitis spray can be a good aid to help combat their symptoms. If not see improvement after a few days of treatment, see your doctor so that indicate you the treatment to follow.


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