Sterimar Mn seawater 100ml


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Relief for decongestion in people with allergies thanks to a formula enriched with manganese


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STERIMAR | Sterimar Mn seawater 100ml

Nose care becomes especially delicate in cases where the person suffers from allergies to certain medications. In these cases, in order to clean the nasal passages, it is necessary to use natural products that do not end up damaging our nose any more than it already was when it suffered a simple nasal decongestion;

Sterimar MN Seawater is a manganese enriched seawater nasal solution that cleanses and strengthens the nasal passages. The presence of manganese in the composition of this nasal solution helps the body to defend itself against allergens by naturally reducing the release of histamine, which is the chemical element responsible for the allergic reaction.

Sterimar MN seawater is especially needed in the spring or summer for those with allergies whose nose becomes more sensitive as they fill their noses;nasal passages of pollen, air pollution or mites, plus the rest of the external agents that affect our nostrils every day: dust, pet hair etc.

Helps to clean the especially allergy-sensitive nostrils and reduce nasal congestion!

Instructions for use

Before using the nasal solution, the nose should be blown to remove all accumulated mucus. With the neck tilted forward, gently push the applicator into the nostril holes parallel to the nose and press firmly. Allow the solution to work for a few seconds and then blow your nose. If you notice that there are still traces of mucus left, repeat the procedure.

Do about 3 sprays in each nostril, 2 to 3 times a day. After use, wash the applicator with warm water and dry it. You should never wash your nostrils with your head tilted back, as this will cause the fluid to run down your throat.


Hypertonic solution of hypertonic and aseptic seawater enriched with manganese.


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