Nutratopic Pack Facial Cream 50ml + Loción 100ml

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Suitable for the care of atopic dermatitis

150 ml

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21,00 € 18,39 €
Only 4 units at this price


Facial cream that helps fight the signs of atopic dermatitis. It is preventive, cares for and reduces the main visible symptoms of infantile facial atopic dermatitis: itching, dryness, scaling, erythema and cutaneous oedema. Restores the cutaneous barrier, increases the production of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), which are the skin's first line of defense, thanks to the action of L-isoleucine. Provides comfort and hydration. Lotion included.

Instructions for use

Continued daily use. Apply the product twice a day.

Price per 100 ML

12,26 € / 100 ml

Pharmaceutical Advice

Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin condition characterised by dryness and intense itching of the skin. It is caused by eczema flare-ups on the face, neck, and folds of the elbows and/or knees. To care for skin with dermatitis, first of all, you should follow all the guidelines and recommendations prescribed by the dermatologist, especially during the flare-up phase.

For daily care, cosmetics can be a great ally. It is important to use cosmetic products suitable for skin with atopic dermatitis to moisturise and nourish without irritation. It is therefore advisable to opt for cleansers and moisturising lotions, creams or balms that intensely lipidise the skin (i.e. provide nourishing oils), do not wash away the natural protective mantle, soothe and have excellent tolerance. Thermal spring water applied as a mist directly to the skin is often useful to mitigate itching: it provides soothing trace elements and a refreshing and comforting effect.

Avoiding environmental factors that can worsen the condition of the skin (excessive heat, intense cold, low relative humidity due to heating, etc.) is recommended. Using cotton clothes washed with hypoallergenic detergents and following a diet rich in antioxidants and good quality fats can also help to improve skin comfort. When in doubt or if the problem worsens, always consult a healthcare professional.




ISDN has the best pharmacy products, I bought this one especially for my 1 year old baby who suffers from atopic skin and in a few days of using it I have already noticed improvement

Alejandra B.

My 2 month old son has dermatitis on his face and I have been giving him the cream for 2 days and it is much better

Susana A.

Very good

Rodica B.

i find it very good, it is quickly absorbed

Alida A.

I really like the product, it's working great for my baby

Vanessa G.

I recommend it

Cristina G.


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