Optiben irritated eyes 10 single doses

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Prevents damage caused by external agents that irritate the eyes

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6,46 €

6,46 €

6,46 €
You save 1,99 €
Only 6 units at this price


Optiben Irritated Eyes is an eye preparation that moisturises and refreshes the eyes, relieving any feeling of irritation in them.

  • Helps reduce symptoms caused by eye strain 
  • Prevents damage associated with prolonged exposure to aggressive factors 
  • Prevents your eyes from suffering continuous discomfort or itching.

*The format consists of 10 single doses of 0.4ml each.



Improve and prevent the health of your eyes!

Instructions for use

How to use Optiben irritated eyes

Wash your hands before using the product. Check that the ampoule is intact and intact to ensure its integrity. 1 or 2 drops should be placed on the lower eyelid and blink several times so that the entire eye is covered with fluid.


chamomile, eyebright, 0.3% hypromellose.

Pharmaceutical Advice

Chamomile is a herbaceous plant from the Chamomilla or Matricaria species. It is widely used in herbal teas and as a hair lightener. Its components provide anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The infusion of this plant has become a popular remedy for the treatment of some eye infections such as conjunctivitis and sties. But be careful. It is not advisable to apply this infusion directly to the eye area, as it is not a sterile solution and some of its components and impurities can irritate the eye, such as the pollen from the flower itself.

To avoid these complications, it is best to use ready-made single-dose solutions or eye drops with chamomile. They integrate the benefits of this plant but are formulated with all the guarantees of sterility and tolerance. They moisturise the eye and help reduce inflammation thanks to components such as chamazulene and alpha-bisabolol with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic properties. For mild eye irritation or dryness, consult a healthcare professional. If you have persistent or severe symptoms that may suggest an eye infection or other serious pathology, always consult an ophthalmologist.




Very good result spending hours in front of the screen

Rebeca G.

I have been sent optiben normal, sjn chamomile

Jose M.

I use it for after the pool with the kid

Anonymous A.


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