Optifast coffee shake 9 uts

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The smoothie that will help you lose body volume in a tasty way


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24,30 € 21,83 €
Only 5 units at this price


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Optifast | Optifast coffee shake 9 uts

Food substitutes have been installed in the market for products to help you lose weight for many years now. These are low calorie dietetic products with a complete content of vitamins and minerals, which ensure the correct nutrition of the person, but with a minimum calorie intake.

Optifast's coffee-flavored shake in sachets has a very complete formulation, as it has a great contribution of vitamins and minerals that provides everything the body needs but with a much lower amount of calories.

If you like the unmistakable taste of coffee this shake will efficiently replace a main meal in a pleasant and satiating way.

Nourish your organism properly!

Instructions for use

Mix the contents of one sachet with 200 ml of cold water and beat vigorously until completely dissolved.


Folic acid 5.00 mg/1 tablet, cholecalciferol 26.00 ui/1 drop, retinol 263.00 ui/1 drop, biotin 0.15 mg/5 ml, vitamin e 200.00 mg/1 capsule, potassium 25.00 meq/1 tablet, iron 18.00 mg/1 tablet, phosphorus 170.00 mg/1 sachet, calcium 250.00 mg/1 capsule, fluoride 0.01 mg/1 tablet, molybdenum 0.10 mg/1 tablet, iodine 0.01 mg/1 tablet, chlorine 600.00 mg/500 ml, copper 0.85 mg/500 ml, chromium 50.00 mcg/500 ml, fat 14.00 g/500 ml, magnesium 115.00 mg/500 ml, manganese 1.00 mg/500 ml, niacin 8.00 mg/500 ml, pantothenic acid 4.00 mg/500 ml, proteins 28.00 g/500 ml, selenium 25.00 mcg/500 ml, vitamin b1 0.60 mg/500 ml, vitamin b12 2.00 mcg/500 ml, vitamin b2 0.90 mg/500 ml, vitamin b6 0.80 mg/500 ml, vitamin c 33.50 mg/500 ml, vitamin k1 33.50 mcg/500 ml, zinc 7.50 mg/500 ml, carbohydrates 28.00 g/200 ml, dietary fibre 3.60 g/54 g.




I recommend it.

Anonymous A.

It's great for breakfast. It takes away your hunger.

Anonymous A.


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