Meritene™ Mobilis vanilla 10 sachets

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Food supplement indicated for muscle fatigue or weakness


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Meritene | Meritene™ Mobilis vanilla 10 sachets

Meritene® Mobilis is a food supplement formulated with collagen, ideal for fighting fatigue or muscle weakness, and especially indicated for elderly people, convalescents, and people who need extra support for their bones and joints

This product is enriched with high quality proteins, with 22 vitamins and minerals, and in addition to the hydrolyzed collagen type II, it incorporates a unique and patented hyaluronic acid (extract of the cockerel crest), to reduce pain, act as anti-inflammatory and improve muscle strength.

*Vanilla flavour

*Soluble preparation to be drunk

*It is a gluten-free product.


*Lactose free

*No added sugar.

*Packed in a protective atmosphere

*Box of 200 grams distributed in 10 sachets of 20 grams each.

*Do not administer to children under 3 years of age.

Instructions for use

It can be diluted in water, milk or tea without changing the nutritional properties and effectiveness of the product, the recommended dose is 1 sachet diluted in half a glass of water (about 200 ml)


Collagen, skimmed-milk powder, proteinMILK, MALTODEXTRIN, INULIN, MINERALS (CALCIUM CARBONATE, MAGNESIUM CARBONATE, MAGNESIUM CITRATE, ZINC GLUCONATE, IRON PHOSPHATE, Copper gluconate, manganese sulphate, sodium selenite), sunflower oil, glucose syrup, vitamins (c, e, niacin, áPantothenic acid, a, thiamin, b6, riboflavin, folic acid, k, biotin, d, b12), emulsifier (soya lecithin), stabilisers (carrageenan, sodium phosphates, diphosphates), flavours, sweeteners (acesulfame k, aspartame).contains a source of phenylalanine;



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