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Origen Bobal is a company specialized in natural cosmetics. It is a brand that makes available to customers natural cosmetics based on the power of the bobal grape and free of parabens for facial and body care. The Origen Bobal product catalogue is very wide and you can find everything from creams to serums, antioxidants, body milks, gels and eye contours.

Origen Bobal natural cosmetics offers safe and effective products for facial and body care. With the natural cosmetic treatments of Origen Bobal, made from the bobal grape, you will achieve a beautiful and healthy skin with all the guarantees, try the natural cosmetics of Origen Bobal!

Origen Bobal cream is a paraben-free cream made from Bobal grapes. There is an Origen Bobal cream for every need. Achieve healthy and dazzling skin in a simple and practical way with Origen Bobal cream.

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