OTC anti-lice conditioner Removes 125ml

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It will help you to leave your children's hair soft and free of nits


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Head lice are not dangerous initially, but they do cause discomfort and itching that can lead to scalp wounds. Therefore, if we detect that our little one suffers from head lice, we must act quickly, preventing contagion to other people and improving their scalp comfort.

OTC Anti Lice Conditioner Retira offers a second step in eliminating lice in our children's hair. With its non-stick conditioner effect, it works by conditioning, favouring detangling and releasing nits and lice stuck in our children's hair.

The Otc anti-lice conditioner Retira formula is gentle and effective, and can be applied from 1 year. The active principles it includes are:

  • Acetic acid: active substance that dissolves the substance that holds nits to the scalp and hair length.
  • Panthenol and Vitamin E: nourish, moisturize and brighten hair.

You'll be one step closer to the total elimination of lice!

Instructions for use

Apply the conditioner to damp hair, previously treated with an anti-lice product (such as Otc lotion).

Leave on for about 10 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

Remove dead lice and nits with the help of the lendrera included in the kit.

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Pharmaceutical Advice

Its gentle formula allows it to be applied to children over 1 year old and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

We recommend that you complete the anti-lice treatment with the appropriate anti-lice shampoo or lotion.





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