Postquam Anti-Acne Gel 50ml

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Postquam | Postquam Anti-Acne Gel 50ml

Acne is one of the most common and bothersome skin problems, mainly in teenagers, but it can occur at any age. The sebaceous glands of the skin become hypertrophied and begin to secrete more than normal, clogging the pores and giving rise to the popular pimples and pimples.

Today we know that acne has an infectious cause and Postquam anti-acne gel is specially formulated to combat the microorganisms that cause this pathology. With principles such as sulphur liposomes, bio-sulfur or glycerin, both the causes of the problem and its consequences are treated, providing a complete treatment for acne.

Try it and you'll see how a clean, pimple-free skin is possible!

Instructions for use

How to use Postquam Anti-Acne Gel 

Use morning and evening with a gentle massage, avoiding excessive rubbing.


Sulphur liposomes, Bio-sulfur, Algae cytobiol, Alcohol, Glycerin.


Pharmaceutical Advice

Postquam anti-acne gel is indicated for combination or oily skin with an acne tendency;

For optimal results, complete your treatment with astringent toner (which will provide complete hygiene) and cream for combination or oily skin.

When washing your face or applying a cream, agitate gently, avoiding pimples or pimples that may leave a scar. Do not recycle or scratch the grains and leave the products to care for them.

If the proper hygienic treatment does not improve, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Acne is an uncomfortable but completely treatable problem.




So far so good.

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very good

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I've got a lot of acne than that.

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